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nice man i love pokemon on gamboy, your flashes are hillarious graet job keep it up


*frikipedia used taunt on POKEMANMASTER*

..But it failed

yea i saw the fake pokemon master 8 i wounder if he was makeing fun of you

i guess

What title will ep 8 have now?
Since that guy took the "Pokemonmaster ep8" title slot.
Will it be Pokemonmaster_ep8" or something?

yeah, something like that, wont change much

What time do you think you will post the new episode?

probably in like 8 or so hours

Haha, can't wait to see the next one!


your seiries is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pokemon master is so awesome!! the only offenseve thing is that u killed pikachu but any way it is awesome


this is an idea I have for an episode maybe there is like a magikarp army


tahm10 uses taunt on everyone

POKEMANMASTER evades the attack

Faq questions ^^

What got you interested in pokemon flash?

Overall what is your favorite pokemon?

Are you pleased with your progress?

Are you bringing back that awesome Magi...Gyarados.

With a magikarp army XD Nice tahm

What got you interested in pokemon flash?
-Well when I found newgrounds I decided I wanted to make animations instead of just watching and I chose pokemon since Im obviously interested in them (hence the name)
Overall what is your favorite pokemon?
-This is too hard of a question, I like too many!
Are you pleased with your progress?
-Yeah, when I submitted first one I really had no idea what I was going to get, and now I have some awards, some good fans! Ill try to keep taking criticism constructively to improve more though...
Are you bringing back that awesome Magi...Gyarados.
-Probably, dont completely know when though

here are some questions I have
1.is episode 7 a tribute to the magikarp army
2.how come a normal magikarp evolves into red gyarados
3.is magikarp going to appear a lot
4.why am I ubsessed with magikarp

1 - Uhh.. I dunno.. what do you mean?
2 - Because it's too cool to turn into a normal Gyrados
3 - Well, the red gyrados will return
4 - Because they're awesome

can't wait for the next one!!!!!


magikarp are awesome

Yeah, I think I got that from your other posts

Love the series dude! Thanks for sparing us of searching for your awesome videos!

thanks and np

I forgot to mention last time I commented (Or I forgot that I mentioned it, either way, I'll say it again) I'm willing to do any voice-acting you need, some examples of my voice are on my animations, I'm the voiceo f the blonde character with the dark gray shirt.

PM me if you need me :3

Okay, thanks, I'll let you know.

You know, if there was a Tank Award for best newcomer, you'd steal it right up. Seriously, 10 flash, and 3 awards already, I gotta say, well done. You're doing really well with this, keep it up.
One thing though, one thing which may make the difference between Daily 3rd and Daily 1st. Length. Yeh, the bitesize bits are nice, but there needs to be more in an episode. I think you're beginning to build up longer ones now, which is great, and if you keep working on it, then no doubt you've got more awards heading your way.

Thanks a lot

*Sonucais used Shadow Punch on POKEMANMASTER*

It's not very effective...

my magikarp uses black out


tahm10 ftw. my magikarp is the greatest

This is your sixth post on this...

this is my 7th

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