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Seems like an interesting game. Can't wait to try the full version. Not sure if these are bugs but from what I noticed from when I was testing it out the preview was that If you held any of the arrows in a direction and talked to something the character would still be moving. Also the left side of the bed is bugged it think because when you move up while on the left side of the bed your fine but when you move down while on the left side of the bed the character seems like its having a hard time moving. but thats all I noticed from the preview I'll be sure to post more things if I find anything else. Also Make it xD. What I would like to see I am unsure at the moment but like I said before if I think of anything I'll let you know

Yep, all those bugs have now been fixed. Thanks!

don't make it i think you should just keep on going with your cartoons also i love wingdings

Hm... I'll think about it.

Draw the characters and enviroments yourself and I might be interested.

It's Pokemon master the game, obviously I'm keeping the same style it has to be connected

Damn you should really make this , also why the hell cant i go
inside my own bed! :D fix that and also when i found the porn collection i've got bugged couldnt move an inch still very nice tough! :D

Recep-Lan uses......Aahh forget it your invulnerable to anything :D.

Well I thought it would look weird walking over the bed. For the other bug, I'll check it out in a sec.

You have no life. At all.

If I had no life, I wouldn't be alive.

i recon, you should do it. itll be a fun game to play. to anyone who is saying not to do it for reasons they shouldnt even give a shit about, eg your fanbase is a bunch of 12-13 year olds. just dont listen to them.

okay thanks

If you don't make this i will kill you plain and simple

Oh jeez! Okay!

1.Go downstairs and when your in the " What fo you think" part right click and press rewind and you start in a different position.
2.When you begin press up. Then right click press forward then back and you begin looking at the video games.
3. Everything glitches up when you do 1.

Well right click will be disabled in the full version.

I think it has a lot of potential. I vote on you making it! I think if you add the types of moves you have in your flashes it can be really fun and silly.

And thanks for the wingdings.


if you walk then talk to something you just keep walking.., :S

yeah, but its fixed now :)

I don't think you should.
-I can't imagine any type of game fitting your series.
-The art would be too pokemon ripping of.
-The concept itself is pretty much a lol. Would it be an rpg? How?

Yeah it would be a rpg. But I'll keep it in mind.

- make it!
-maybe a different battle system then the original, this boring 1vs1 sucks, it needs to be refreshed :)
-couldn't find any glitches
-start with any non-evolution pokemon might be cool!

Hmm.. I'll keep it in mind.

Yeah nice idea, but you I'll need to see an actual field with wild pokemon first.

By the way you can't have dodged my last Taunt. Taunt has 100% accuracy according to my pokemon move list. You just... can't. You can't.

My evasion is 200%

Do it man!!! If its good its super,and otherwise...to bad but nothing will be desastrous so go on!!! I mean there was the opposit so why not.And your episodes are super!!!

While if it sucked I'd be wasting time when I could've made more episodes

Holy shix look at all the comments!

I know :O

"Keeping the style" you say? Or is it that you don't know how to draw for yourself?

No, I can draw, I even have a WACOM, but in my mind a pokemon parody should have pokemon sprites.

I think it would be a great idea, I already like the preview of the first room so I say continue!!



Thanks and I just WON the game

I can dig it.

Cool. Your post makes me think of Diglett.

Make it plox

Yes sir.

I was suprised when I saw the game so far. It wasn't nearly as dissapointing as I thought it would be. But the Pokegrounds thing. I saw you made one section about the parodies. You said you didn't care about them, and that they didn't bother you, however, because you put that in there, it shows that they do. Why do you care?

They don't bother me - it's a parody of the parody. It's just a joke.

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