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I is first.

That's great and all, but how about some feedback

I is second.

That's great and all, but how about some feedback

Make it!

Yes sir

That would be so freaken awsome words can't describe it!


Not promising anything, but I've seen your episodes, their quite good. I might be available to help with some coding, but I am busy with a Power of Three project. Either way, good luck...

Oh.. well thanks anyways.



No please no you're animations are shitty sprite ones with bad animated old 4chan memes please stop torturing us, you're only fan base is a bunch of 10-12 year olds who have lost faith in real life because of people like you making shitty pokemon animations they sit at home and watch all day.

Please for the children stop it now.

Favourite Movies :
"The Penis Collection"

'Nuff said.

So, how exactly is this gonna work? Different starters, different maps? Is it going to be humorous and silly like the episodes, is there gonna be a serious level up system? If the maps and stuff are the same, like in the pokemon master episodes, it's based off Kanto, because if everything is like that then it's pretty much just another Fire Red Leaf Green kind of thing. Otherwise, I love playing different pokemon games made by fans.

It would be like the games, serious level-up, but with jokes throughout. Pokemon may have some moves from the movies, dialogue will be tongue in cheek, etc.

Please include more Magikarps and crazy cyborg robots.(Crazy Cyborg Magikarps)

are you tahm10?

This reeks of copyright infringement. What exactly would be the point of the game? Same as the existing pokemon games?

Well I'm not claiming it's my stuff and I'm not making any money so it's not really, at least no more then any of my movies and many more games out there

I dunno if it would be worth goign through all that crap, like inventories of pokemon and stuff liek that with their own inventories and blahhh blahhghgh blahghhgh.

But if you do make it, please use voice acting and make sure there's nothing wrong with the sprites. Try to upgrade your animations for some of the moves, especially Lick, which is the one I can remember hte most currently, because that one really makes me cringe.

Well actually I was planning on making it all text like the real games, not voiced. I mean, there'll probably be hundreds of NPCs to voice so it seems to make more sense this way.

Sure, I'll upgrade Lick :P

And I'm not sure what you mean with the inventories.

should you do it or not you choose but if you do make it make it like pokemon red/ blue i liked that type of game play i don't know about any glitches or any useful stuff the rest is up to you
good luck and God bless



Are you his friend?

Just be careful, I'd consult a lawyer or something. For instance: Say you recreate a video game using the same characters, mechanics, and even sprites. The company can claim you cost them customers (Who would want to pay for a game that's been remade as freeware?) by using their copyrighted or trademarked materials and sue you for damages.

I'm not a lawyer, but you should talk to one.

I don't think I can even afford to talk to one. But there's tons of parody games/movies out there, whether it be pokemon or anything really.

Prime Example : Mario

Nintendo is pretty rich and I really doubt they'd actually take legal action.

I'd say if you do make it, it should just be the hack of a real Pokemon game that you port into flash. But y'know, that's... impossible...

Yeah, and the impossibility is sort of an issue.

Accurate the move code. I would make tests of all teh codes before add to the game.

Well that's one of the reasons I posted the demo. Please let me know if you find any glitches or problems.

Does the game include Glitch Pokemon?


just tried out the first room and thought it was great. i didnt have any problems with it and i would love to play more if you go through with it. pokegrounds was a fun little section in it.

Thanks a lot.

Will there be original Pokémon like Pikachu???


Alright you had me scared for a second!!!

I can't leave out pikachu :3

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