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you should make it so that you can pick any of the starters and you should have a gold magikarp (shiny). also you should make it so you could get all the legendaries

hmm.. okay, I'll keep those ideas in mind

I really laughed at the cabinet by the bookshelf. Pokegrounds is awesome.

haha, thanks

Oh also I did notice. In the text area when i "talked" to the bed, I was still able to change my directions.

Hm... I'll check it out thanks

EDIT - checked it out. It's acutally in all text boxes. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!
EDIT2 - Yep, I was able to fix it :)

Great start, I know it will be a good game.


You should do it, actually, I am so sure you should do it you should even draw the sprites from zero, the backgrounds and fucking everything, maybe even IMPROVE instead of using someone's talent!

Well it's got to keep in a similar style with my movies. It's Pokemon Master the game.

I think you should do it!

Yes sir

great idea do it

Yes sir

Of course you should make it. I don't think there is one flash actual pokemon game - for free, at least. One-up 'em all. Put in a mix of the new and GSC pokes, and make new leaders. That would be fuckin' awesome. I would be in debt from the bottom of my heart. And throw in some secret sex scenes, k'? lol

Lol sex scenes in a pokemon game?

Thanks for your feedback

Im hopping it would be great!! :D

Me too :D

You are now average NG user, no matter how troll-like your posts are.

Just now? I think I was no longer considered a troll after 11 flashes and 4 trophies :\

(In response to your response to my comment :3)

I forgot about all the NPCs, so I guess text would be needed.

By inventories, I meant like your items bag, your inventory of the pokemon in your party, and hteir inventories of moves available, not to mention the PP left on each move and all that.

So making it would be a real pain >.<

Yeah, it will be a long, long project to make.

Thanks for your feedback!

You should try and add in like a party (ash/misty/brock) sorta thing if possible.

Maybe... I'll keep it in mind

I wouldn't mind one, but there are problems with your controls. If you hold down one button, then push another and let of it, you will keep going that direction (even though you are only holding down a different button at that point).

Ah! Good find, I think I can fix this fairly easily though. Thanks a lot!
EDIT - Yep, I was able to fix it :)

Dude Make it...
I can help you with the coding... I'm reeeeaaaaalllyy just being bored here...
oh And your AWESOME dude!

Note to all shitty comment on this:
Why dont you all accept this, i mean his making this stuff for us to have fun!!!
Fucking ASSHOLES like you people should die die die!!!!!

(ahem) Make more movie and make the Game!! I'm supporting you all the way...

thanks, but one thing - There will probably not be movies while I'm making it :(

I think it already exists dude, it's called "Pokemon Leaf Green"

It's sort of a parody of Leaf Green. Try out the demo posted and you'll know what I mean - most of those things won't be appearing in a pokemon game (try the computer and cabinet specifically :P)

It's nice movement but without an actual battle or gameplay or hint of a storyline it's hard to judge. How will you make it different from the actual Pokemon storyline? Why would I want to play this rather than the actual game? A big reason why I hate Pokemon is because it's too easy. Once you hit a certain level you can pretty much own the elite four with like 2 or 3 different pokemon 1 hit KOs.

So just give an example (or lots) of how your game will be better than the actual game so I'd get a better idea of what to expect. Thanks.

Well besides the fact it would be free (obviously), the main point of this is the humour. Check out the demo I posted and check everything out - in the first room there is already signs of the humour. Hopefully you should even find the first room of my game is better then the first room of pokemon in this way.

Also I'll try and make the difficulty good and challenging.

i'd rather just play an actual pokemon game

Even if you rather would (which I'm trying to avoid) don't forget the $

Also ,the game is not meant to be identical. It is a parody just like my movies.

Plus, I'm sure you'd rather be doing a lot of things on Newgrounds.

Are you 10 years old?

Do you have an IQ of 10?

if you do end up doing this make it so you can start off with any first level pokemon so i can start off with a growlithe and make my beloved arcanine lol, also just be careful of copy right infringement, i mean your basically just recreating the game with your jokes.

hm... I'll keep it in mind

Firstly, the copyright issues everyone has been talking about:
Nintendo normally don't take action on any sort of copyright infringement from small Flash developers. However, by replicating so many aspects of your game, you're at risk.
I doubt they would, unless your game got very popular and they considered it to be 'budging in' on their profits (as people are playing your game instead of buying theirs). However, they may be glad for the publicity; especially if you put in lots of ridiculous "Buy Pokémon!" messages.

Secondly, I feel that, although using Pokémon will attract lovers of the series, many people on Newgrounds will dislike the game for your 'theft' of the image, as well as those who just have an obsessive dislike of the series.
For this, and reason one above, I strongly suggest you change the game from Pokémon to your own contraption. What I mean by this is, have your own characters, storyline, monsters, etc. Of course, keep in plently of Pokémon references to please the fans.
I honestly think that this will make it more accepted on Newgrounds and the internet in general.

Finally, regardless of which style you go for in the end, I really hope you're using tile-based programming. Read up on it if you haven't heard of it.
Simply, tile-based programming is the kind of engine Nintendo uses for Pokémon, and it makes a huge difference to the file size of the .swf file; instead of storing each room as a bunch of movie clips, you store it as a series of numbers.
If you decide to use this path, I suggest you have one array for the floor, one for the objects/people, and one for the object functions (eg. what the character says when you interact with the object).

I hope you take this all into account, and good luck!
By the way, the Flash forum is always there if you need any programming help! Just make sure to select the small bit of code causing the problem (not the whole thing!), add a file to demonstrate your problem if you wish (both .fla and .swf would be helpful), and make sure to clearly explain your problem, as well as the Actionscript version you are using.

Very helpful! I'll keep it in mind thanks.

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